Previous Musicians:

*In no particular order*

Daniel Chester - Wonderful live! A definate one to watch!

Alan Lacroix - With half hour long song, ...we were there all the way! Epic!

Jamie Burnham - Her voice gives you goosebumps, and live, she is increadible... keep an eye on this one! She is so lovely too!

Idiot Savant - Such a skillful musician, a toe-tappin' head boppin' performance!

Jude Cowan - We love you! We love your ukulele, we love your lyrics, we love your doctors outfit!

SixToes - ..steal your mind and take it away with them. won't mind though!

Matt Shread - Flippin' Heck!! ..and always with a smile too!

Robin Grey - Genuine, kind, caring with such presance on stage, he instantly becomes your friend!

Little Steve Long - A one man band! A brilliant set... and we're proud his first gig was for us!

Helen McCookerybook - Such a sweet person, gorgeous voice and amazing songs!

The Woodlarks - Originally one of Jessica's favourite london based duo's, now a lot of other peoples favourite too!

Charlot Webster - Ukulele songstress, and blimey what a voice... She's subtle, but sticks in the mind, and is one of the most talked about from The Beehive!

Baby Sol - Such an amazing songstress, sassy, sexy, sophisticated... cheeky and my goodness the audience were smitten!

William Wolfe Hogan - A singing violinist with sooo much charm, he wooed us and blew us away with his energetic and vibrant set! ...and his cover of 'Toxic' by Britany Spears.. awesome!

Beth Prior (from The Daughters) - So much personality in her performance, and an effortless, gorgeous voice... not to mention a great musician!

Wandering Goose - The three piece played an open mic spot, and amazed us. We feel very special to have had them... as they were on a holiday, from Canada!

Chris Potter (from the Laughing Pines) - Really made our night with an amazing live set!

OddBlock - Their first acoustic set for us, with 10days notice, and they even wrote new songs! ...absolute full marks for effort. We'll be keeping an eye on them!

Olly The Octopus - *thumbs up* this guy should be playing in stadiums... seriously!

Ian Evans - Joined in with everything he could! A very talented musician!

KTB - Made a girl cry smiling with her lyrics.. such a lovely voice and so genuine!

Sam Beer - Actually stops people breathing, he seems to bring the world inside!

Jack Harris - Increadible standing performance! Such a voice!

Birdengine - Just simply, and strangely... wow!

Catriona Irving - So sweet!

Andy Buclaw - A poet with a natural talent for music (we're jelous)!

BrentLee - What a voice!

Richard Llewellyn-Davies - Great performer and fantasic stage presance!

AMiTY - A busy bee on stage, with increadible results!

Rosie Jones - and her cows. YES YES YES!

Jess Bryant - She was ill, but still absolutly amazing... do not pass up a chance to see her live!

Toby Wainwright-Johns - Belted out his set completely unplugged! Increadible!

Elspeth Anne-Macrea - Such an original way of writing music. She grips attention!

Lauren - We love lauren!

Iain Wilkinson - A fantastic musician with a genuine interest in the music going on around him!

The Boy The Girl and all the World - A special stripped down acoustic set revealed just how well they perform their songs.

Guns For Girls
Liam Middleton

It's In The Past...

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