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                                                         ....about other fantastical musical groups!

Kick The Plug/ Need No Water

A fantastic bunch of people, all doing wonders for live music, they have some amazing musicians including Catriona Irving, Soy Un Caballo and Blacklands amoung others. They make cakes too!

"Begun in late 2006, London based label neednowater was put together by Mark Whelan and Catriona Irving for the joy of good music, nice people, 7inches and beautiful packaging.
Wanting to extend the community of like minded artists, friends and enthusiastic believers, the folks of neednowater stepped into the live scene with 'Kick the Plug' a monthly night of musical treats now residing at the Wilmington Arms. Featuring acts from the label and other excellent musicians from far and wide, the collective continues to grow. "

S.S.S Presents

Wonderful promoters for some of Shropshire finest! They're breaking out in to the world with some amazing musicians, Including Dirty Ray, Rob Dunsford, The Daughters and Alice Challiner ...to name only a few. These guys stand for very high quaility live music!

"The musical hit squad that is “S.S.S Presents…” is no longer limiting itself to just Supporting/Helping/Promoting their favourite local musicians from within the cosey confines of The Crown in Abbey Foregate....... they are spreading their wings!........Watch this space!......"

Some Websites We Like:

www.blogotheque.net  - French site, but some videos of musicians (Inc Bon Iver and REM) in random places. Very interesting stuff.

www.daytrotter.com - DayTrotter allows free downloads of live recording from some amazing musicians including Jacob Golden, Bonnie Prince Billy, Ani DiFranco... plus artwork to go with them!

Spotify! - Google 'Spotify' and get a thing that's similar to iTunes or Windows Media Player, where you can find and listen to almost anything (my own tests included some obscure musicians ... and it passed a fair few!).


We think eARmusic are wonderful! Exactly our type of people! ...infact, they pretty much are about doing what we at SquIP are about doing!

Get to their gigs, support  the music they support, because their nights are amazing and their many fingers are on the pulse! 

 "What is eARmusic? eARmusic is good"


So much fun... and there's a very good chance they are behind the come back of knitting on the bus!!

Their nights are amazing and they do a jolly good job of finding good live music to paint to!

"One day at the secret garden Vickle and friends created a magical Playtent where people could make everything they ever wanted out of bits n' bobs. A stray Moondog wandered in looking for friends (and cardboard). When they met it was a meeting of kind red spirits and they thought "we could make the world a brighter place" and then they thought "oh fuck it... let's just make a mess"!
moondog loves you club music nights and Playtent merged into Hungamunga."

Proper Music Distribution:

Jess is part of the street team for proper music distrbution:

"The largest independent distributor in the UK, Proper Music Distribution provides top quality distribution services to over 400 labels from around the world supplying UK retailers and export accounts.
February 2008 sees us nominated for "Best Distributor" in the 2008 Music Week Awards."

...basically, I take some magazines and flyers to gigs, cd shop's and general public places I tend to go to, and in return they reward me with free gig entry and the odd CD every now and again. They are a friendly bunch, and the more on the street team the better... if you fancy signing up, click the logo to go to their website.

My 'street team' name is Jolly Marshmallow.. tell them I said hello!

As this is a small site, any help with spreading the word would be greatly appreciated... please feel free to pop a link on myspace pages or facebook pages, any little help from you will be a massive boost for us..