The Watch list

The amount of musicians on our old watchlist got abit silly... and there were still more to add, so *drum roll* here's the new improved, never before done (..probably) music list to suit what you're looking for! Under each emotion is a list of musicians or bands that will (hopefully) suit your mood... all links go to myspace pages so you can listen directly, simply right click and open in a new tab to stay on this page too!

(let us know if you think we've got some wrong... it's going to be tricky, as obviously every musician will have songs for various moods, but we'll try very hard...)

(Not really background music, but bloomin' good to listen to)
Tanya Tagaq Gillis Really good at breathing, Caz mechanic :In this catagory because you have to listen to her lyrics!, Helen McCookerybook :Brilliant! She's got a singbox and she's going to use it!

(... *happy sigh*)
Will Cookson :Beautiful Songs, lyrically and musically gorgeous. Like lullabies, The Accedental :bombabadaaa *gentle sway*, Blacklands :Gentle genius, Emiliana Torrini :Captivating musically and lyrically. Polly Paulusma :Just. Simply. Gorgeous, 'She moves in secret ways'. 

(To keep your spirits high)
Lucy and the caterpillar :"Rest my head upon the clouds and dream about sweets", brilliant and cute. Catriona Irving :Pretty, plinky, plonky guitar and foot tappy goodness, Rosie Jones :and her cows, a talented lady, and she makes our badges! Lisa Hannigan :Love at first listen.

(Extra happy jolly music to have a little bit of a jiggle to)
Gogel Bordello :Gypsie Punk! Oi Yah!, The Cat Empire :*Dance's around the room playing air trumpet* Cute Loony :Foot tapping jollyness! Darren Hanlon :Songs about Hiccups and KickStands, brilliant! Gabby Young and Other Animals :Absolutly stunning, fabulous, increadible, energetic and lovely! If you get a chance to see them do not let it slip. ...and they make it so obvious the they love what they do! 

(...and sometines we also need to feel low, and these will hopefully be musicians that will give you some comfort)
Frank Turner :... start off with 'Long Live The Queen' then, once you've fallen for him and his music, listen to the rest, Cara Winter :Piano magic, 'wide eyed, looking in to mid air, just before a realisation' music, Declan DeBarra :...ah, what a voice!

(Better than happy, but not jiggley happy. That feeling that you could purr like a cat basking in the sun happy...)
Afro Celt Sound System :Like.. erm, Irish Massive Attack.., The Daughters : Effortless bliss. ..then listen to Brooke Sharkey :Beautiful.
El Heath :Tons of fantastic tunes, made up of various instruments, plus various video's and other bits and bobs, a busy guy!

(Cleaning? Working? Cooking? Entertaining? ..basically, brilliant theme music for the day and night)
Babel :Easy to listen to, but bloody good music! Blue Rose Code :Like a perfectly cooked meal... everything sounds wonderful. BrentLee :Gorgeous voice, lovely songs, a charmer! Easy Star All-Stars :Dub covers of amazing albums and songs inc Radiohead and The Beatles. Erland and The Carnival :"Lets play the game.. of carnival!" Babytwin :New improved BabyTwin are down-tempo, alternative yumminess in many various and varying songs. The Moulettes: Pop this on and dance madly with the duster! Live? Expect to be jigging around haybales! Hot Feet: Bouncy Folk-Rock with whispy female vocals and gorgeous, raw percussion!

(Oh Yeah, get this, this is good music *nods* mmmhmmm)
Nizlopi :Like a handful of sunshine! (we loved them pre-JCB Song, and always will)

(Cuddley, warm music)
Brett Dennan :A breath of fresh summer air with a gentle breeze (though still topical.. but he loves us all) Rob Dunsford :He has written a love song that will make all other love songs curtsie in it's presance, plus a whole bunch of other fantastic tunes... a very talented song writer! Robin Grey :Simple melodies and witty lyrics, his songs gentley wrap their arms around your waist.

(Listen to these! Now! Grrr!)
British Sea Power :Heavy enough to have a bit of a 'grrr' to, but soft enough to have a deep breath to, Cortney Tidwell :This is a tough, she dabbles between 'fist clench and controlled breathing' to 'sit back and contemplate it',

(...these musicians will hug you)
Azure Ray :..this is how to float over sometime without actually having to think about it, Bon Iver :This one's tricky.. but listening to him alone is a wonderful experience, take the lyrics for your own, Damien Jurado :"...i'm tired and unwilling to be the only one who was wrong" Emmy The Great :Songs you'll find yourself humming along to in no time Maria Solheim :A delicate voice wrapped around floating melodies.

(Well. Here's. Some. Music *twitches*. Listen.)
Alan Lacroix :A story teller through music, and an amazing guitarist!, Birdengine :Haunting, Elspeth Anne Macrae :Quick, twitchy, poetic and marvelous! SixToes: Theives of the mind, they play tricks on you with incrediable harmonies and wonderful instrumentals!

(Sometimes it's good to be stressed, these are musicians that suit the feeling nicely *i hope the links work for you)
Jacob Golden :actually, buy the album and listen to it all the way through... wow, just, wow,

(Some folky stuff... old folk tunes, instrumentals and the like)
Ashley Macisaac :Celtic, the album 'hello, how are you today' is so wonderfully varied,

Don't Know..
(...well these are some other suggestions for left over feelings.. perhaps they'll swing your mood towards some of the others *also known as our cop out list)

Kat Flint : Lyrical genius, every song is fabulous!

Andy Buclaw :There's a song for every mood, a bloody good musician and lyricist!

Regina Spektor :Heard of her? Why not?

Jess Bryant :A haunted angel singing lullabies

Oh...there's so many more to add..     keep checking back, i'll try get 'em all here sooner or later! (our myspace page friend space is reserved for our watchlist only, feel free to browse that for more music)

(On The Post-It Notes)

This is an ongoing and regular updated page... get in contact with suggestions, opinions and any other comments.  ...I hope this page prove useful to you in finding something new every now and again.