What's The Point?

Hello, I’m Jessica, I started this whole thing, and here’s why…


Music is as important to me as a cup of tea in the morning (believe me, that’s very very important)… a good tune can change your whole outlook on life, a good album can become a best friend, a good musician can be the thing that you have most in common with your best friends! Music heals, music destroys, music (whoa I’m getting in to this…) … you get the idea, music IS.

I try my very best to see at least three live music events, each week, some I plan, others are spur of the moment, last minute decisions. …I love it, you get a real feel for who the musicians are, what they’re out for, and can enjoy the recordings even more! 

….and, I’ve picked up on a few things…

*Audiences are so much more fun to be part of when the musicians are full of passion and enthusiasm…
*Musicians are more enthusiastic when the atmosphere feels vibrant… and will put on an amazing performance.
*The most amazing performance’s I have seen live so far have been either organised by the musicians themselves (or their friends) or have been organised by a person who is a fan of the musicians on stage.

So, I set about finding out more…

*I sit at various sound desks,
*Figure out ways in to back-stage areas,
*Speak to musicians as well as people in audiences.
*I speak to promoters and venue owners.
*I attend band rehearsals,
*Design album covers and help with demo distribution,
*Join street teams,
*Sit in on studio recordings,
*and, of course, keep enjoying as much live music as possible at festivals, small pubs, big clubs and of various genres and ticket prices across the UK… 

To really become a fan of a musician, live or recorded, relies mainly on one thing. Having a connection… that little buzz you gain from it.

I wanted to help people reach that buzz, on a regular basis!

So, Squeeze In Presents was born. 
My mission? To keep music as a hobby and not a business… 

Live events:

-          No-one goes on the line up unless I have seen them live before hand, or I have it on word of mouth that they are worth seeing live, (unless I fall completely in love with their recorded songs and am pretty sure they’ll be great live.. in which case I’ll probably try and see them live elsewhere anyway. ..also with the exception of open-mic performances and live jam sessions which will remain open to anyone).

-          Events will be as regular as possible, but will not go ahead if I have not had time to find a line up I am excited about.they will also stop completely if I loose interest (which I am sure will not happen)/ find myself bunging any one on to fill gaps (which I very much doubt will happen) or if ‘unforeseen circumstances’ happen …sort of like when a shop has to shut for a while.. and it’s all mysterious...



-          I expect nothing in return,

-          As a fan rather than a business, I get to tell the world about anyone! So, if I like the music I’ll promote the musician(s). It’s a hobby, and will remain that way.

-          Same goes for other organisations, music promoters and venues… If I like it, I’ll promote it.

-          If you are enthusiastic about something/someone share your enthusiasm with me and chances are I’ll spread the word. Enthusiasm is the key to spreading the word.

-          Basically, …when I buy a new CD and love it… my favourite thing to do is run in to a room containing a friend, insisting ‘listen to this’ whilst bombarding their CD player… from now on the world is my friends CD player. 

The Team:


-          Basically, people who get Squeezed in have no choice, if they have the right energy and mindset, that’s it, they’re on the team, like it or not. So there!

-          …they will have their own opinions, their own views, their own talents and their own music tastes and will not be told to do anything. They are friends.


The rest:

-          Cd Cover Design: If you can cover the basic cost of printing, I’ll be happy to make one for you!

-          Photography: Yes! Free gig entry in trade for a whole bunch of free photographs!

-          …any needs, musical or creative: Just ask, if I can’t, I may know someone who can… or someone who knows someone who can…


…guess we’ll see what the future brings. I hope you agree with what SqueezeIn Presents stands for. If you have any comments/ thoughts/ abuse/ teabags/ ideas/ spare musical instruments/ random questions or red wine, feel free to send them my way...

Live Music Boys And Girls, There's Something For Everyone... Use It Or Loose It